Why Rick Meghiddo?

A-Rick-crpd_10Selling and buying a home is an emotionally charged field. The place you call home is likely to be the one that carries your biggest emotional investment. It contains moments of joy and sorrow. It frames your most cherished possessions. It is visually one of the most impacting places in your life. I understand that.

If you are a seller, you want to sell your home at the highest price possible, in the shortest period of time, with the best service you can get.

If you are a buyer, you want just the opposite: to buy your new home at the best value possible, with the best terms and service you can get. You want also it to be or to become as close as possible to what you dream about.

Either way, I can offer you the basic components that can get your trust – honesty, knowledge, reliability and my experience as an architect. Coupled with my team at Coldwell Banker, you can get an unparalleled real estate service.  

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If you are considering selling, you may ask yourself: if I sell, what do I buy? Where? At what price? What is likely to be the difference between the selling price of my present home and the one I may want to buy? Would I be better my life by moving? Shall I move from a house to a condo? Shall I stay in the same neighborhood or restart in a new place? Is my household likely to shrink or expand? Do I want to entertain frequently? If I stay, does my home need improvement? A new kitchen? New bathrooms? Another room? Another floor? A more efficient use of the existing space?

Life quality is not measurable in dollars only; value has much to do with the space quality of your home and surroundings, and with the way you relate to those surroundings.  

I can help you to decide and chose what’s best for you by opening the range of possibilities. That is where my combined architecture and real estate experience comes into play.


You can get a quick idea of my background by reading my profile. You can also get a more detailed one by going through my CV. The key question is: what parts of my background are relevant to your needs?

Let me start from architecture.

An Architect’s Eye Development

My formal education in architecture comes mainly from the University of Rome and from U.C.L.A.. Yet, although I graduated from both with top grades, what really impacted my architectural formation was living seven years in Italy. In addition, I also had as tutors two masters, historian/critic Bruno Zevi and architect Luigi Pellegrin and I traveled extensively to see and photograph great architecture.

Most of my independent practice to date has been based mainly in Southern California (Westwood, Irvine and Long Beach) and, for over a decade, in Tel Aviv. The range of subjects I dealt includes single family homes, mixed use development, institutional buildings and senior housing. Meghiddo Associates developed several residences in Brentwood, Westwood, Cheviot Hills and Mar Vista.

I also taught architectural design and tutored reviewed hundreds of graduating projects as head of the Technion’s Graduating Projects Program.

What is relevant to you from my architecture-related experience is my architect’s eye.

A Realtor’s Eye Development

As Principal of the Westwood-based Meghiddo Associates Architecture & Real Estate firm, I represented sellers and buyers on properties located in Westwood, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Venice, Cheviot Hills and Mar Vista.

In 2003 Long Beach’s Mayor, Beverly O’Neill, appointed me as Board Member of Long Beach’s Redevelopment Agency for a four-year term. From that position, I reviewed projects and real estate transactions with an annual budget of over 100 million dollars per year. I was granted twice the Award of Excellence by the Redevelopment Agency and a Special Service Award by Long Beach’s City Council.

“Why don’t you bring your skills and experience to Coldwell Banker?” said to me a realtor that knows me from my Westwood-based work. When I first visited Coldwell Banker in Brentwood, I was impressed by the quality of management and the professionalism of its agents and staff. My decision to join was immediate.

What is relevant to you is that my personal real estate experience, working in sync with Coldwell Banker’s people and power engine, can bring to you an unique type of service.

A Photographer and Filmmaker’s Eye Development 

As an amateur photographer and a lover of great cinema since my student years, my decision to start producing architecture documentaries was natural. My mission is to better people’s life by helping them to understand architecture’s meaning, so that they may be able to aim at a higher life quality.

To date I posted over two dozen documentaries on my website www.architectureawareness.com Most of these have been also published by www.culturalweekly.com. Film Skillet nominated my short documentary Gehry in Vegas for the 2013 International Film Contest.

What is relevant to you from my photography and filmmaking experience is that I can see things from an angle that may not be perceivable by other highly qualified agents. In addition, my filmmaking knowledge may be useful for the marketing of your property.


To listen to your specific needs, you must first show me your world and tell me your dreams. Only then I’ll be able to give you my best input.  

Let’s meet. That is the only way I can start helping you to reach your goals. Send me an email at rickmegh@gmail.com or call me at my Coldwell Banker’s office,  310 442 1631 or  at my cell phone, 949  887 5153.